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Design for the Environment

A central part of our environmental strategy is designing our products to minimize their environmental impact. This is accomplished by using sustainable methods and materials from the start of the manufacturing process.


Designing for the environment involves 5 key areas:

  1. Raw materials composition
  2. Waste reduction
  3. Product disassembly
  4. Product reusability & recyclability
  5. Product certifications


Raw Materials Composition 

By purchasing certified environmentally preferred raw materials, we can ensure that the components going into the manufacturing of our products do not generate unnecessary harmful impacts on our environment.


Waste Reduction

OFGO has a stringent waste reduction program in place for our manufacturing process. 

View OFGO’s waste reduction program


Product Disassembly

OFGO products are not only designed for ease of assembly but also for ease of disassembly. The ability to disassemble our products is integral to our customers’ ability to reuse and recycle.


Product Reusability & Recyclability

OFGO offers reusable product solutions with its modular furniture offerings. OFGO is committed to creating products that maximize recyclability. 


Product Certifications

OFGO’s design process emphasizes utilizing components and implementing procedures that allow us to obtain environmental certifications.