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Sustainable Practices


Everything we do can make a difference.

Our innovation and design initiatives not only entail improving the quality, style, and flexibility of our offerings but also focus on reducing our environmental footprint. By choosing lower impact materials and creating waste reduction programs, we are working towards a sustainable presence in our environment. Our areas of environmental concentration include: Energy Efficiency & Climate Awareness, Workplace Air Quality, Recycled Content & End of Life Recyclability, Sustainable Distribution, and Environmental Stewardship.


Energy Efficiency and Climate Awareness

Smart meters have been adopted in all our offices, manufacturing plants, and warehouses for internal monitoring of the energy usage.

We use energy efficient lighting, saving electricity and reducing the CO2 and sulphur emitted from power generation.


Workplace Air Quality

Various OFGO products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM, meeting LEED low emission requirements. 

OFGO uses products and processes that reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. Adhesives used in the upholstery process are water based or non-solvent to reduce product offgassing.

Our electrostatic powder coating process is virtually VOC free and produces minimal waste.


Recycled Content & End of Life Recyclability 

Scrap wood, wooden pallets, steel, paper, foam, leather, fabric, plastic, aluminum, and other products used at OFGO are recycled. 

All cardboard shipping cartons used by OFGO have the highest possible recycled fiber content. 

Many OFGO products meet LEED recycled content requirements. 


Sustainable Distribution

Our shipping palettes are 100% recyclable and are reused for packaging and distribution in our warehouses. All of our packaging materials sent to final destinations are 85% recyclable.

We do not utilize harmful packaging agents, such as dimethyl fumarate, when packaging and shipping our products. 

Our sampling department utilizes minimum sizing for our samples and precision accuracy when cutting to eliminate waste.

All specification sheets and binder information are accessible via our website and as an environmentally friendly alternative to the physical versions.

For outbound transportation, OFGO uses data-driven technology systems to schedule deliveries in a way that reduces both mileage and the total number of truckloads. 


Environmental Stewardship

OFGO provides the option of electronic invoicing to minimize paper consumption.

We have an active corporate recycling program in our offices, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

Our marketing and industry updates are paperless; they are sent as e-mail blasts as opposed to paper mail

Our procurement process favors environmentally friendly suppliers.