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Designed to Move.

Various individuals spend a large portion of their day sitting at their workstation. Swift Lift helps enhance wellness and well being by allowing individuals to intermittently and effortlessly change their posture from sitting to standing in order to relieve fatigue and discomfort.

Swift Lift is an environmentally friendly solution containing over 80% recycled wood fiber content and up to 15% post industrial steel scrap. Swift Lift is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality® certified and is 100% recyclable.

As recommended by ANSI/BIFMA and various ergonomist, adjusting one’s posture throughout the day from sitting to standing creates movement that is associated with the flexing of the spine, which improves circulation and lubricates joints. This helps to reduce long term muscle fatigue and leads to the reduction of back pain. Swift Lift is a great solution for hoteling multiple users of different height and their individually preferred postures.

Swift Lift Tables are style compatible with Modern Series furniture units.

Swift Lift Tables permit user to change posture from a seated to a standing position to enhance user health and productivity.

Swift Lift Table worksurfaces smoothly adjust from 29”- 49” in height in less than two seconds.

Swift Lift Table worksurfaces lock in an infinite number of heights by pressing a single paddle.

Swift Lift Table patented dual-arm mechanism keeps the worksurface level.

Swift Lift Tables patented pneumatic cylinder technology requires no electric power

Swift Lift Tables are standard with 1in/25mm fingers/hands pinch point space between table base and worksurface.  

Swift Lift Tables are standard with 1in/25mm fingers/hands pinch point spacer placed between two half end panel bases.

Swift Lift Tables are available in all OFGO standard laminate colors.

Swift Lift Tables meet ANSI/BIFMA weight capacity requirements.

Swift Lift Tables contain powder-coated steel and CARB II certified worksurfaces.

Swift Lift Tables are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®.



Swift Lift

Swift Lift tables are a height-adjustable sit-stand solution that meets the demands of healthier work environments.

See the Swift Lift in action:
Benching Setting (Video) 
Office Setting (Video) 
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